Access to safe water is limited worldwide

Issues that arise from the lack of clean water are affecting millions of people all around the globe. We aim to improve this situation and help impacted regions.

Health RISKS

Contaminated water sources carry the risk of infections with contagious illnesses.

Better Education

Increased health of the whole family induces better school attendence of children.


Access to clean water raises the productivity of the population.

Urban Areas

Water scarcity has increased due to migration to urban areas and social inequalities.


Besides humans, animals and plants also are negatively affected by contaminated water.


Africa, South America and South-East Asia are particularly affected by clean water scarcity.

Measuring impact
is vital

The greenplanet foundation evaluates its impact to provide its donors with highest possible transparency.

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The full amount of your contribution will help to supply clean water and fund projects in the area of WASH.
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Liters of water disinfectant supplied to people in need.
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lifes impacted by projects of the foundation.
and you can give 50 people access to clean water for a year.
countries in which the foundation plans new projects.

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Clean Water and Sustainability

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Each amount donated will be utilized to supply people in need with clean watern and sustainable sanitation services.

If we all come together, we can build a better place for all.

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