blueplanet Investments AG provides innovative, ecological solutions for treatment of up to 77 million liters of water

Frankfurt, 17 September 2019 – Namibia has reported more than 6,000 suspected cases of hepatitis E in the last 20 months. The German company blueplanet Investments AG is now taking up the fight against the potentially fatal disease in the African country and is providing two affected settlements with a new solution for water treatment and disinfection free of charge. The first step was taken at beginning of September when the technology was handed over to a clinic of the DRC settlement in Swakopmund.

Innovative disinfection solution leaves no toxic residue

The disinfectant ANOSAN used in this process is produced by the blueplanet subsidiary ecabiotec AG. With the quantity provided, up to 77 million liters of water can be treated, hands disinfected, or public areas hygienically cleaned with the help of a nebulizer. The disinfection solution does not leave any toxic residues when used, as it decomposes into water and salt. It does not contain alcohol, aluminum oxides, dyes or fragrances and can be easily recycled. Viruses, bacteria, germs and fungal spores can thus be eliminated without posing a danger to humans, animals or the environment.

Increasing hygiene awareness and strengthening trust

Hepatitis E is often transmitted via contaminated drinking water and causes acute liver inflammation, which can be fatal, especially for pregnant women. In Namibia, particularly in the informal settlements on the suburbs, infections are currently increasing. Such outbreaks are favored by a lack of information and mistrust of the Namibian people towards hygiene standards. The wrong dosage of conventional disinfectants – with severe consequences – contributed to a lack of trust in hygiene. The ANOSAN provided by blueplanet Investments AG, on the other hand, cannot be overdosed and does not irritate the skin, eyes or mucosa. The company also contributes to hygiene education with appropriate information material and specially provided employees.
“We are fighting nationwide against the outbreak of hepatitis E,” emphasizes Dr. Lilliane Kahuika, epidemiologist at the Namibian Ministry of Health. “The use of ANOSAN and the establishment of hygiene awareness can make a significant contribution to reducing the transmission rate of the virus and improving the situation in the affected areas. We can only thank blueplanet Investments AG for their support and commitment on site”.

Last modified: December 19, 2019