Namibia, July 2020 – On the evening of 26th July 2020, a massive fire broke out in Twaloloka informal settlement, a relatively new informal settlement in Walvis Bay. The incident resulted from an explosion from a gas stove in a single shack and spread to neighboring shacks, eventually destroying 150-200 shacks according to media reports issued by the Ministry of Safety and Security. Sadly, a one-year-old child in the fire. More than 400 residents were left homeless by the fire.

blueplanet Investments AG established a remarkable partnership with the residents of Twaloloka in September 2019, when it launched its project “ANOSAN for Namibia” in parts of the Erongo Region in the fight against the Hepatitis E outbreak in the country.

The company collaborated with the Government of Namibia and the local communities to address the WASH gap in Erongo Region, which was the second most affected Region in the country. Majority of Hepatitis E cases were reported from the informal settlements in, due to limited access to portable water and sanitation infrastructure which prohibited residents from practicing good hygiene for the interruption of the chain of transmission of the virus.

In the aftermath of the fire, affected residents have been relocated to temporary shelter as they rebuild their lives. Many residents lost everything, and need support in form of donations such as building materials, mattresses, blankets, clothing, food and water.

In light of this tragic event, planet green foundation, in cooperation with its operational partner blueplanet Investments AG, provides support to the residents of Twaloloka. We call on all our partners to help us, help them. Together we can!

Build back Twaloloka

All donations to the planet green foundation are tax deductable in Germany. The tax ID of the foundation is 047 250 11069.

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Last modified: July 31, 2020